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1 new video has been uploaded to my YouTube account and I have added my first photos to my Flickr account.


With the beginning of the year 2010, I have launched my new website:, with an all new layout, theme, webshop and a lot of new content. In the following weeks more content will be added and the webshop will be filled with lovely products for you all to buy. The dutch version will also be translated and if you have any questions about the new website, don't hesitate to contact me. I hope you will enjoy the new interface, with many new features!


Special news, I have acquired the domain name! This will make my website easier to find and now I can split it more easily between two languages. Because I have to wait until the domain name transfer is complete I will be restyling the website (again!). The website will be easier to surf, it has a new helpful option to increase the font-size for those who need it and the overall look and feel is much more professional. I hope to launch it in two months.


Finally! The website is finished, well finished, it looks the way I want it and it behaves they way I want it. I have to add a lot of content (and translate parts to English), but I have done some of that already. There are a lot of new videos in the video gallery, minerals have extra photos and I added sizes to many specimens. The webshop has been fully rebuilt and will be opened soon!


I have adjusted the navigation, making the information better organized and easier to navigate. I have made more subcategories now that I have more room in the menu. The photo gallery has been split up in sections, the same goes for the video gallery and the downloads section. The webshop will be updated later on, making it more interactive and user friendly. In the mean time I succeeded in connecting my camera to my microscope and I will upload photos soon. I will also be writing some articles on photography, microscopy and about the combination of both, for those who want to do it themselves.


I have added many new minerals and updated existing ones with new information or photos. At the moment I'm trying to connect my photo camera to my microscope in order to get some beautiful close-up photos of my minerals and crystals. Today I have found a new way of making crystals which I will describe later on in the experiments section. I will add some DIY-kits to my webshop soon, giving you the right stuff to make your own crystals or view them through a microscope. I'm also working on the English translation of my website.


The website has had its last big technical update, to optimize the loading speed. Images have been compressed and the code has been dramatically altered. Every page has advertisement now. Soon, I will place more items in the webshop and write more experiments and update the existing ones with more material, including photos. I'll also record some more videos of growing crystals.


The webshop and photo gallery have had a technical update, so that people with a very small screen can still see everything (even though with a bit of scrolling down). I have altered the style of some components and the download section is filled with some nice downloads. I will place some new jewellery and crystals in the webshop soon, after which I will be updating the information section.


Again I've changed the coding of the webshop and the photo gallery. Also the video gallery has been changed and it now shows the first video I have taken. The webcam doesn't work yet, but it’s almost finished. Soon I'm going to work on the download section, but first I have to make some content for it. It’s a lot of work to do the finishing touches, especially if I keep changing the code, but it’s worth it.


I have spread the contents of the left menu over two different menus, to keep it orderly. Only the most important things are now in the list on the left, on the right there is a list with the secondary links. The webshop is now filled with some of my best crystals and my jewellery. The coding of the photo gallery and the webshop has been changed for better functionality. I'm now going to focus on the content of the website and I'm probably going the change the images in the corners, I've got some better photos now.


The photo gallery is finished and also the contact information is done. I still have to fill the webshop with products and I have to take care of the payment methods. I'm trying to play videos online and to introduce a webcam to see live images from growing crystals. I also have some plans for the download section, but it needs some more thinking over. The pages are now optimized for search engines and I will wait with translating them all to English until I have finished the Dutch pages.


The layout of the website has been drastically altered to support multiple internet browsers. The layout of the English and Dutch website is finished now and the chemicals information section is almost done. I'm now going to work on the shop, the information section and search engine optimization.


The website is currently under construction. The layout is almost done, except some of the technical stuff. I'm now going to work on the shop and some articles for the article section. I also have to take some more photos for the photo gallery.


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