What are crystals? And what are minerals? How are crystals made? Can you make crystals out of water or iron? I hope I can answer all of these questions, so that you can get a clear picture of crystals.

Crystals are one of the forms a material can take on. Crystals always have a certain structure; an ordering of its atoms or molecules. This order is different for every material, which determines its properties; including the way it looks and behaves.

Information Overview

I have divided the information in three big sections:


- Information about crystals, with photos and production methods.


- Information about the minerals from my collection, with photos.


- Information about chemicals, with photos and solubility graphs.

Every subject has its own overview, linking to the information and photos about the different crystals, minerals or chemicals.

There is also a section for the articles I have written:


- Articles on the various aspects of crystals and chemistry in general.

Students & Teachers

As a student myself, I have experience in the field of education and I would love to see students doing their projects about crystals or related subjects. I am going to offer a wide range of procuts, from information to experiment kits and even demonstrations. Click on the related links below to get more information.


- Information for students.


- Information for teachers.