Photo Gallery

In this photo gallery you can find photos of crystals and minerals from my collection. You can also see photos of jewellery I've made and experiments I've conducted. Click on a categorie you want to see and click on a photo to enlarge it. Extra information will be given with every photo or video.


Video Gallery

The videos in my gallery were taken from experiments I conducted or from crystals I made. Click on a categorie you want to see and then click on the video you want to watch. A popup will open containing the video, some extra information and a navigation pannel. The videos are hosted on YouTube, so that everyone can easily watch it in an optimal way. If you encounter any problems, let me know.


3-D Structures

Flat images of crystals can be very beautiful, but it doesn't give a good view of the complex structure most crystals have. Using 3-D techniques can give a much clearer view of how a crystal looks.