General Information

Do you want to do some experimenting yourself? Then it might be useful to keep some simple rules in mind, it will prevent disappointment and needless loss of time.

Tip 1:

Keep your working are clean. This will make sure you can work concentrated and you reduce the chance of knocking stuff over.

Tip 2:

Be hygienic, wash your hands before and after an experiment.

Tip 3:

Prevent the polution of your chemcials and close the containers if you don't need them. Cover things to prevent dust or other stuff to get in and clean your tools. (Make sure water can still evaporate if that is necessary for crystalization, when you cover something up against dust.)

Tip 4:

Write on jars and bottles what's inside of them. This way you can prevent using the wrong stuff, which can end in dissaster or at least disappointment.

Tip 5:

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