A liquid is supercooled when it is in a liquid state below its melting point, so when it's supposed to be a solid. When a supercooled liquid goes from the liquid phase to the solid phase, this is ussualy done by a very rapid crystallization. See video 3 below for a rapid crystallization of a supercooled liquid.

Video - Supercooled sodium thiosulfite crystallization.

  • Title: Video - Supercooled sodium thiosulfite crystallization.
  • Source: Paul's Lab (NL)
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  • Magnification: 20x
  • Speed: 1x
  • Description: Images of growing sodium thiosulfite crystals. The sodium thiosulfite has been turned into a supercooled liquid state; it is a liquid beneath its melting point. By introducing a small crystal of it, it will instantaneously crystalize.

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